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Music Engraving Rates, Services & Samples

Cerchia Music Productions provides the following services and rates:

Available Services

→Engraving: Providing you with publishing-ready music. Anything from lead sheets to instrumental parts and full orchestral scores. Projects are available in hard copy (1200dpi laser print) and/or a CD with PDF files. We use the latest edition of the FINALE notation program.

→Transcription: Transcription of your music from any audio source (cassette, MP3 or CD) and subsequently engraved.

→Arranging: Custom arrangements to suit your specific needs. Call us to discuss terms.

Rates For Services

Rates include:

  • • Notation in FINALE
  • • Editing and formatting of the score
  • • Part extraction and format
  • • Proofs
  • • Final editing
  • • PDF file of the score
  • • Mailing costs

Rates can vary with the project, depending on the complexity of the music and it's length. For longer, more involved pieces, it may be more economical to quote a price for the entire project rather than per page. We always endeavor to give you the best method of pricing your project. A contract will be sent and agreed upon before work will proceed. Please contact us with questions or for a free estimate. A negotiable deposit of 50% of the total estimate is required before work starts.

Basic rates per page
Full orchestral scores (symphony, band, chamber orchestra, etc.) $35.00
Small instrumental ensembles (woodwind quintet, brass quintet, etc.) $30.00
Piano/keyboard $25.00
Choral (octavo) $25.00
Parts (extracted and formatted, if priced alone, separate from a project price) $20.00
Lead sheets (from original manuscripts) $20.00
Lead sheets (transcriptions) $25.00
Hourly rate (if more appropriate for your project) $25.00

PDF Samples

Please click on each of the score titles in the boxes to view the sample PDF files

Musical Theatre

When John Was Just A Boy
This is a song from "The Rented Christmas" published
by Pioneer Drama Service


Set Me As A Seal
From Hannah Hurnard's poetry "Hinds Feet On High Places". Words used by permission of Tyndale Publishing.